Bifido Genetics Calculators 3.0


Bifidosoft Genetics Calculators is an excellent tools for middle school students with a strong interest in science, high school students taking biological classes, college students, teachers and serious researchers. With this program you can learn Mendelian and classical genetics and solve many genetics problems.

For now it includes:

Punnett Square Calculator - this calculator is used by geneticists to determinate the probability of an offspring having a parents with known genotypes. It can show all possible allelic combinations of gametes, predict offspring genotype and phenotype frequencies for monohybrid, dihybrid, trihybrid or polyhybrid crosses. Because in the program we using ad hoc algorithm you have result in seconds. You can simulate Punnet Squares even up to 38 alleles per parent for genotypes and up to 60 alleles for gametes and phenotypes. You can freely solve genetic problems including inheritance methods like Dominant, Recessive, Partial Dominant, Multiple Alleles, Linkage, Sex-Linkage, Polymeric and Polyploides. You can get crossing results with recombination for linkage and sex-linkage genes! You can easily designated all allels by multiple letters and use "+" for dominant allel. The program can generate random statistic for all types of crosses. You can use existing and easily create new traits files. With traits files it is possible to solve difficult genetic problems.

Genes Recombination Calculator - this Recombination calculator can be used to determinate: 1) genes localization map and recombination frequency between two or three loci, 2) parentes genotypes, 3) double crossing-over and coincidence.

Fly Sex Calculator - this calculator can be used to determine sex of fly (D.melanogaster).

Map Distance Calculator - this calculator use recombination to determinate map distance between two loci.

Number To Screen Calculator - this calculator estimates how many progeny to screen for finding at least ONE recombination progeny.

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